Tremors Fans Petition For Netflix To Save The TV Series


Kevin Bacon’s long-awaited return to the Tremors universe seemed oh so close. That is, of course, until SYFY decided they wouldn’t be moving forward with the show. Maybe it’s because they’ve already aired a thirteen-episode Tremors series back in 2003, or maybe it’s because they seem disinterested. Either way, we’re gutted.

What makes news of the show’s cancellation even worse is that Bacon was excited to return to the role of Valentine McKee. Since 2015, he’s expressed interest in heading back to the fictitious town of Perfection Valley, Nevada and the actor, like fans of the franchise, have been curious about what’s happened to the character since we last saw him.

Once word of Tremors‘ cancellation came out, a leaked trailer for the series made its way online. The positive reaction to it spread quickly over social media and now, one fan has launched a petition in an attempt to persuade Netflix to pick up the axed show.

The petition, which went up on just four days ago, has exceeded its 500 signatures mark and now has a goal of 1,500. As of the time of writing, it’s reached 1,404 and yes, that includes mine as well.

If you haven’t had the chance to watch the trailer yet, be sure to check it out up above. Not only is it great to finally see Val return to Perfection, but the show actually seemed pretty promising. The acting is solid, the Graboids look great and the way it’s shot plays well with the 1990 original.

It’s not a guarantee that Netflix will be tempted by this petition, of course, but we encourage you to sign it and share regardless. Whether you’re a fan of the films or show – or even if you’ve never actually watched one of them, but you’re really fond of Kevin Bacon – be sure to show your support for the axed Tremors TV series.