Twitter Adds Sensitive Content Warning To Gina Carano’s Profile

Gina Carano

As of this past weekend, Gina Carano has had her Twitter account branded with a sensitive content warning. This means that her profile, though public, remains hidden when a user first tries to access it until they read through the warning and click the option that allows them to view the former Mandalorian actress’ tweets.

“Caution: This profile may include potentially sensitive content,” says the message, which appears over the top of the star’s whited-out account. “You’re seeing this warning because they Tweet potentially sensitive images or language. Do you still want to view it?”

As per Twitter’s support page when it comes to their sensitive media policy, these warnings are affixed to accounts that share “violent, hateful, or adult content within areas that are highly visible on Twitter.” Violent or adult don’t seem to describe Carano’s social media behavior, though, so presumably the platform has flagged her account due to the “hateful” part of their policy.

Twitter’s restrictions on “hateful” content prohibits the sharing of “any logo, symbol, or image that has the intention to promote hostility against people on the basis of race, religious affiliation, disability, sexual orientation, gender/gender identity or ethnicity/national origin.”

Of course, Carano has been courting controversy on social media for months now, with her divisive posts ultimately leading her to be fired from the Star Wars franchise. A meme referencing the plight of the Jewish people in WWII was what finally lost her the role of Cara Dune, with Lucasfilm blasting her online activity as “abhorrent and unacceptable.” This was something Carano shared on Instagram months ago, though, so it’s unclear what exactly the recent offensive material posted on her Twitter account is that warranted these newfound restrictions.

In any case, the actress has lightly hit back at the content warning. This Tuesday, she shared a selfie on the platform, adding the caption: “*sensitive content*.”

Gina Carano appears to be done in mainstream Hollywood, at least for the time being, but she has entered into a creative partnership with The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro to write, produce, direct and star in a movie for the right-wing site. The Mandalorian, meanwhile, is moving forward without her and starts production on its third season soon.