Tyler Hoechlin Teases The Huge Ambition Of Crisis On Infinite Earths


The Arrowverse reaches its biggest crossover yet this winter in the form of “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Every year, fans wonder how The CW is going to top the previous crossover event but this time they’re really going for broke.

As you surely know by now, “Crisis” will see the entirety of the multiverse under threat, bringing not just the casts of all five series together but a range of guest stars from DC past and present as well. One of these is Tyler Hoechlin, who’ll be returning as Superman following his recurring role in last year’s “Elseworlds” event.

The Supergirl actor attended Fan Expo Canada over the weekend and teased what we can expect from 2019’s crossover, promising that the scale of it’s going to be insane.

“It’s big. I’m excited to see what they come up with, because I know it’s huge. Obviously I’m aware of the scale of it, so we’re getting ambitious here. I’m excited. It’s gonna be insane.”

Of course, other Arrowverse stars have teased much the same thing. The Flash‘s Hartley Sawyer maybe summed it up best though when he called “Crisis” the “crossover to end all crossovers.” We’re not sure if we’re meant to take that literally, and that The CW won’t attempt any more of these multi-part mini-series again after this, but it’ll certainly be nigh on impossible to go bigger in scope than this one.

As a taste of its ambition, we already know that Hoechlin won’t be the only Superman in “Crisis,” as he’ll be joined by Brandon Routh reprising his take on the Man of Steel from Superman Returns. Everyone’s hoping that Smallville‘s Tom Welling will also drop by so we can have no less than three Supermen on screen together, but it remains to be seen if that’ll happen.

Crisis on Infinite Earths” kicks off on December 8th before stretching over the Christmas break and wrapping up on January 14th.