First Plot Details For Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman & Lois Show Leak


Tyler Hoechlin shined throughout The CW’s “Elseworlds” crossover event, which ultimately prompted the network to greenlight a new show called Superman & Lois.

The Man of Steel in the Arrowverse returned in this year’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event alongside other versions of Superman from different realities. In the original timeline, Kal-El’s son, named Jonathan, was already born on Argo City, but after Oliver Queen sacrificed himself to rebirth the multiverse, things changed for this version of Clark Kent.

Now, the character is set to return with a new TV show which will focus on him and Lois in the post-“Crisis” world as struggling parents who have to take care of two children. Granted, we don’t know a lot about this new series just yet, but a recent leak revealed the Man of Steel’s costume and now, plot details have emerged online which give us an idea of what the show will center on.

It would appear that Superman & Lois will focus on the titular characters dealing with the stress of functioning as working parents. Lois will still work at the Daily Planet, while Clark will lay off to focus on other aspects of his life. Also, Martha will continue to live on the farm in Smallville.

In addition to these, and as teased in the final hour of “Crisis,” the pair will now have two children, Jonathan and Jordan Kent. Jonathan is the all-around popular and athletic kid, while Jordan is introverted, anxious, and spends a lot of time playing video games.

It’s said that the children don’t know who their father is, at least in the beginning. Additional cast members, meanwhile, include General Samuel Lane, Lois’ father, who knows about Clark’s secret identity. Lara Lang and her husband Kyle Cushing are also said to be a big part of the storyline. And last but not least, Superman will also have an enemy in the series, who goes by the name of “The Stranger,” but his true identity will be revealed by the end of the pilot episode.

Meanwhile, Marc Guggenheim recently teased us about the possibility of David Ramsey’s John Diggle appearing in Superman & Lois, but we wouldn’t hold our breath until further details are revealed.