UFOs Seemingly Caught On Camera At Skinwalker Ranch During Livestream


Skinwalker Ranch is a Utah property purported to have been a hotspot for extraterrestrial and UFO activity over the last 50 years, including the likes of strange lights in the sky, cattle mutilations and powerful magnetic fields with no discernible source.

A day prior to the History Channel beginning to air The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, a documentary series about the site, footage from the property’s security cameras were cycled through in a 12-hour YouTube livestream. As you might expect, it’s largely uneventful, with the comments of people talking to each other while bored in lockdown ending up far more interesting than what’s on screen, but a few moments warrant a glace if you’re into this kind of stuff.

At 2:09:54 a light can be seen moving across the ashen sky at a speed slower than a passing airplane, and at 4:39:13 a brighter light is visible on the horizon at a position where there is no road for it to be accounted for by the headlights of distant traffic. At 3:07:20, meanwhile, the most overt occurrence takes place, prior to which a faint light can be seen blinking in the sky near the top right corner of the frame.

The whole image becomes engulfed in a blinding white light slowly moving around the center of the screen along with flares of green, red and orange clearly visible around the incandescent blaze. It must be said though that it does have a similar pattern to the lights of a security jeep seen through a different camera a few minutes later.

The cynical among us might question the timing of the observances, since the livestream itself was intended as publicity for the series (and yes, I appreciate the irony of playing into the hands of the production by writing this in the first place), but for people inclined to believe in alien visitations, it all adds up to further phenomena that validate what they’ve always believed.