An Undead Drew Barrymore Runs Riot In Full Trailer For Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet


Remember when Netflix first announced Santa Clarita Diet and everyone – and we do mean everyone – was under the impression that the company’s latest original series was a hammy melodrama? How times change.

Three weeks out from the show’s premiere, Netflix has dropped the first full trailer for Santa Clarita Diet, which peels back all of the many layers of Victor Fresco’s series to reveal a screwball horror-comedy with a side of cannibalism. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant anchor the morbid sitcom as Joel and Sheila, a pair of lovestruck realtors. Together with their teenage daughter Abby (Liv Hewson), they form a picture-perfect family living out their dream in Santa Clarita, California. But things are about to go nuclear for Netflix’s newfound nuclear family.

Joel and Sheila may have it all, but after the latter returns from the grave with a taste for human flesh – just don’t call her a zombie – Santa Clarita Diet switches gears into a full-blown horror-comedy. Forced to adjust to their new norm, here we see Barrymore’s undead protagonist sink her teeth into everything and anything, relishing the perks of being undead – the strange bursts of energy, the ability to get by on two hours of sleep a night. Meanwhile, Olyphant’s blasé husband quickly becomes her accomplice in seeking out potential victims, and the partners in crime agree that they’ll only bump off people who deserve it. Cue the gruesome shenanigans.

Comprised of 13 episodes in total, look for Santa Clarita Diet to premiere via Netflix on February 3. Aaron Kaplan, Tracy Katsky, Chris Miller, Ember Truesdell and Nathan Fillion co-star.