Victor Zsasz Confirmed To Return For Gotham Season 5


Lately, there’s been a healthy helping of Gotham content going around to assure that we tune in for the fifth and final season set to kickoff four weeks from today. In fact, the network just celebrated in style by releasing a new featurette hosted by key members of the principal cast, as they teased what’s to come for their respective characters.

So, while we ponder the futures of regulars such as Bruce Wayne, the Penguin and Jim Gordon, it’s important we not forget the rest of the colorful heroes and villains populating the ravaged city. The one we’re here to discuss today has been around since the very first season, actually, even if you don’t see his name in the credits each episode.

When it comes to Anthony Carrigan, I’ve been quite surprised by how he’s never been promoted to series regular status, but I guess that comes down to how many other projects he must juggle. And though his interpretation of Victor Zsasz has been markedly different from the villain known from the comic books, I’ve been thoroughly entertained by his dark sense of humor every time he graces the screen.

Speaking of which, actress Erin Richards recently posted the image found below on Instagram, thereby confirming Zsasz’s return. Needless to say, this is much appreciated because we can never be too sure of who’ll be invited back.

While Carrigan himself has yet to comment back on his co-star’s post, now seems like an opportune time to look back on what he told about the coming season:

“Well, I’m curious myself. I’m excited that we got a fifth season. I’m very, very happy for everyone on Gotham. They totally deserve it, and deserve to kind of really, really, really tie it up together nicely. And also I was happy too because Victor Zsasz essentially left to go get a milkshake. That was, like, the last line that he has, and I was like, ‘He can’t just go get a milkshake and never come back again. Come on.’”

He continued:

“But I think it seems like they’re going to be going in some interesting directions in this next coming season, and definitely keeping everyone on their toes, and surprising everyone. And, yeah, I’m excited. I’m excited for how Victor Zsasz could be kind of from in that world, and bringing something new to the table.”

Gotham returns for its fifth season – now with 100% more pi-Zsasz – on Thursday, January 3rd on Fox.