New Video Hints At Team Arrow Reunion Occurring This Week


In recent years, journalists and fans alike have kept their eyes affixed to DC’s YouTube channel, especially because their daily web series, DC All Access, often drops major news about the brand’s latest happenings across all forms of media. Unfortunately, it’s been largely absent for a couple months, but has thankfully made an unexpected return.

Admittedly, it’d have been preferable to see the show’s comeback three weeks ago when the wealth of midseason premieres were kicking off, but better late than never, right?

Getting back on track, the first “#DCTV ” video in some time features valuable information regarding this week’s episodes of Supergirl, Black Lightning and Arrow, including some educational comic book connections. And while we could probably discuss this all day, it’s the Arrow tease that was hardest to ignore.

Let it be known that while host Hector Navarro touched on this only briefly, the video is deliberately titled “Black Lightning’s Life in Danger, Supergirl Fights New Worldkiller, Team Arrow Reunites.” And considering we know those first two shows are making good on their promises, it stands to reason that Arrow will as well.

Recently, we’ve seen Team Arrow fractured down the center, with the old guard consisting of Oliver Queen, John Diggle and Felicity Smoak standing put, while the newbies – Wild Dog, Black Canary and Mr. Terrific – have begun walking their own path.

Of course, it seems only natural that they arrive on the same page before the end of the season, but whatever Cayden James has planned for this week could be enough for our heroes to put aside petty differences. Let’s just hope they do, because a hiatus of sorts is on the horizon and it’d be nice to have some resolve before then.

Arrow airs on Thursday nights on The CW.