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Vincent D’Onofrio reveals his ideal ‘end goal’ for Kingpin’s MCU return

With the return of Kingpin to our screens and now a firm character within the MCU, Vincent D'Onofrio might finally get his 'end goal.'

Image via Marvel Studios/Netflix

Kingpin‘s return to our screens in Hawkeye left many ecstatic as they got to see the larger-than-life crime boss back in action. After he, and all the other Marvel characters that were brought to life for Netflix, were canceled by the streaming site, fans weren’t sure if they would ever see him again. Thankfully he was brought back to life over on Disney Plus, landing him firmly in the MCU which may mean we could see him go up against his biggest Marvel nemesis.

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Vincent D’Onofrio has done a magnificent job portraying the character, and fans are thrilled to have him back in the role that he is so completely perfect for. The actor has not exactly been subtle about where he wants to see his character go, having mentioned a few times the hero that he eventually wants to see Kingpin go up against. He reiterated it at the Salt Lake FanX Q&A panel over a month ago, discussing which character he sees as Kingpin’s “end goal.”

One question from the audience was, “as Kingpin, who would you love to interact with or fight in the current MCU?” D’Onofrio gives a little smile to this question as someone else in the audience cries out, “Spider-Man.” D’Onofrio replies, “I mean there’s only one really end goal. You know, and I think somebody just said who that would be.”

He then continues to give fans a somewhat cryptic hype for the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again series, adding,

“But I will say though, see you guys have no idea what you’re in store for with Born Again. And, I know a little bit more than you guys, and all I can say is, during that next series you’re not going to be thinking about anything but the next episode.”

Now, this could be that the actor is trying to focus the fans on what he already has ahead of him rather than looking too far into the future, but might it also suggest that Spider-Man could be making an arrival in the series? We have already seen Peter Parker meeting Matt Murdock in his lawyer form and we suspect, as smart as Peter is, he has an inkling this is no simple blind lawyer, especially after Matt reflexively caught a brick flying through the window. Though this may all be made moot thanks to Doctor Strange’s spell.

Not only that, but as one of New York’s biggest crime bosses, Kingpin’s two greatest enemies in the comics are both Daredevil and Spider-Man as both heroes work to reduce street crime within New York City. It would be amazing if Spider-Man were to make a small cameo appearance, just as Daredevil did in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, but if not, fans are sure to be happy to see the horned vigilante once again face off against the deadly Kingpin.