Vincent D’Onofrio shuts down ‘Hawkeye’ questions by telling followers to donate to charity

Netflix’s Daredevil gifted superhero fanatics with a modern-day godfather, Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin. Portrayed by the proverbial BFG (Big Friendly Giant) himself, Vincent D’Onofrio, Kingpin has been rumored to appear in an upcoming episode(s) of Marvel’s Hawkeye series, currently streaming weekly on Disney Plus.

As many U.S. citizens — and most of the world — will already know, Western Kentucky was recently devastated by a flurry of tornadoes; the unfortunate natural disaster left many Kentuckians without homes or refuge. Subsequently, many celebrities and influencers have rallied together to raise money that will sustain those affected by the aftermath of destruction.

Former Kentucky and NBA star Rex Chapman tweeted his appreciation for over $150,000 raised in just two days by the U.S. and abroad. Vincent D’Onofrio tweeted in response regarding his contribution and encouragement, asking fans to follow in his footsteps and donate to The Rex Chapman Foundation — a charity that aims to assist with tornado relief efforts in Western Kentucky.

Beforehand, D’Onofrio had received an influx of tweets asking for comment on his supposed appearance in Marvel’s Hawkeye. Neglecting to entertain the poorly-timed questions, D’Onofrio channeled the public persona of his Daredevil character as a kind and wealthy philanthropist. For many Marvel fans, Vincent D’Onofrio is, despite his notorious villainy on-screen, the definition of a real-life hero.