Vinny Guadagnino Leaves Jersey Shore

Vinny Guadagnino has reportedly left MTV’s Jersey Shore. According to TMZ, after getting into a heated argument with another cast member, Vinny bolted from the house and returned home to Staten Island. He had recently complained about feeling “burned out” and being “homesick”.

Apparently this wasn’t the first time either. Vinny left the show a few days ago but the rest of the gang was able to talk him into coming back. This time though it seems as if it’s for good and sources close to the show say that no one is going to try and convince him otherwise. Word is that he had become a real pain in the ass and the other housemates aren’t terribly upset over his departure.

Whether this is for good or not is anyone’s guess. TMZ claims it is but without official confirmation from MTV it’s hard to know. This wouldn’t be the first time that a cast member has left and come back shortly after.

While he’s not perfect, Vinny is still the most grounded and least obnoxious cast member. He provides a great balance and has always been one of the most reasonable. Out of everyone on the show, he always seemed like the most normal, so to speak. His ego isn’t as big as The Situation’s, he’s not as eccentric as Pauly and his temper isn’t as bad as Ron’s. Out of all the guys at least he felt the most real and down to earth. Hopefully his departure isn’t for good as without his personality to balance everything out, Jersey Shore may be in trouble.

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