Violett Beane Spotted On The Set Of The Flash Season 3 Suited Up As Jesse Quick


During the second season of The Flash, the team was forced to recreate the same particle accelerator blast that originally gave Barry Allen his powers in order to help him go up against and defeat Zoom. However, a side effect of that experiment was the fact that both Wally West and Jesse Wells (the daughter of Harrison Wells from Earth-2) were hit by it, too.

Despite not initially showing any symptoms, Wally has since been revealed as being Kid-Flash – in the Flashpoint timeline at least – but there’s been no word on Jesse. She returned to Earth-2 with her father, so we simply don’t know what sort of impact Barry’s trip back in time had on them. However, reports from the Vancouver set of The Flash confirm hat she’ll suit up as a speedster.


The small screen version of Jesse Quick is clearly going to be different to her comic book counterpart (there, she’s the daughter of Golden Age heroes Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle and inherited their powers as a youngster), so it will be interesting to see how she ends up factoring into season three of The Flash.

Unfortunately, photos of actress Violett Beane in costume haven’t been revealed yet, though it’s been said that she’s wearing red pants similar to Barry’s. The character has sported many different looks in the comics, so The CW will likely mix and match to create something new. We’ll just have to wait and see, but season three of The Flash now has yet another speedster to look forward to.

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