New MCU Theory Explains How Vision Still Has The Mind Stone In WandaVision


The first trailer for WandaVision arrived over the weekend and left fans reeling from its promise that the Disney Plus Marvel series will be like nothing we’ve ever seen before in the MCU. What with its trippy nature, it’s left us with a lot of questions, which fans have been debating on social media. But one that’s been overlooked, though, is the mystery of how Vision still has the Mind Stone.

Vision died in Avengers: Infinity War when Thanos brutally removed the Infinity Gem from the android’s head. Due to not being wiped out by the Snap, he didn’t return in Avengers: Endgame but somehow, he’s alive and well and living a strangely idyllic, sitcom-like existence with girlfriend Wanda Maximoff in WV. The weirdest thing, however, is that he’s still depicted as having the Mind Stone in his forehead in this trailer.

We know for sure that the Mind Stone no longer exists in the prime Marvel timeline as the Stones were removed twice over – first destroyed by Thanos and then taken back to their rightful times and places by Captain America. This can only mean, then, that the Vision in WandaVision is not real and is just a fake copy created by Wanda to deal with her grief.

In the trailer, Wanda is shown using her powers to conjure up and transform different bits of her world, seemingly confirming that it’s some kind of artificial reality she’s created. The Vision she’s whipped up for this place clearly has a few memories missing, too, as he’s left severely shaken after his encounter with Kathryn Hahn’s mystery character who tells him he’s dead. It’s possible this piece of the truth is what begins the breakdown of Wanda’s fake reality.

With Scarlet Witch appearing in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Vision could feasibly be restored for real down the line, with a Mind Stone from another timeline. But for now, it looks like the one we’ll meet in WandaVision is just a mirage created by a brokenhearted Wanda who’s lost contact with reality.