Hawkeye TV Show Reportedly Not Delayed Anymore, Initial Report Was False


The Marvel fandom was rocked yesterday by the news that the upcoming Hawkeye TV show has been hit by an indefinite delay. Though this claim quickly went viral, it actually all comes down to one report from insider Charles Murphy. And while he’s been correct about a few scoops in the past, it seems as if he got this one wrong, as numerous other sources are coming forward to call out the story, with a lot of skepticism being thrown on the idea that the series isn’t going ahead as planned.

Knight Edge Media’s Caleb Williams and The Verge’s Julia Alexander are two reporters who’ve denied Murphy’s story that Hawkeye is facing a delay. “Sooooo Hawkeye might not be delayed after all?” Williams wrote on Twitter, while Alexander was more precise in her dismissal. “Can absolutely confirm this is untrue,” she said. “Disney contacts have vehemently denied it, calling it completely inaccurate.”

What is a fact is that Hawkeye was due to start shooting this July, but the show is no longer appearing on production grids. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean Marvel is pushing it back. Even if there is a slight pause on filming, it might not be as “indefinite” as Murphy’s report said.

The scoopster wrote that the main reason behind this supposed delay was because Marvel had shifted its plans for the broader picture of Phase 4, with Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight and She-Hulk being brought ahead of Hawkeye. While this is at least partially true, considering that WandaVision is now due to land this year rather than in 2021 as originally announced, it looks like we might not have to worry about Clint Barton’s first solo outing in the MCU, after all.

Marvel has yet to lock in who’s going to co-lead the show alongside Jeremy Renner, though. Kate Bishop, Clint’s apprentice and successor as Hawkeye, will be the series’ female protagonist and it’s been widely reported that Hailee Steinfeld is the top choice for the gig. However, the actress has yet to sign along the dotted line. Still, there’s a lot of time before July to make that happen.

To recap, though: it appears as if Murphy was wrong here and Hawkeye still looks to be dropping in late 2021 as originally intended. Arrow dodged.