The Walking Dead 9×11 Clip Reveals The Return Of A Dead Character

Tom Payne The Walking Dead

The first four minutes of the next episode of The Walking Dead have been released online, and the opening scene reveals that this Sunday’s installment will feature the return of a dead character. Not as a zombie or anything, but via a flashback to the 6-year period that was previously skipped over by the time jump back in episode 6.

So, who’s the returning character? Why, it’s Jesus of course, who was just killed off by a Whisperer at the end of the midseason finale. Tom Payne had teased that he’d be making a comeback via a flashback in the back-half of the season and now that promise will come true in episode 11, titled “Bounty.”

See for yourself in the clip below:

The video features Jesus and Tara dropping by the Kingdom, just as Jerry’s revealing the good news about his and Nabila’s baby to Ezekiel. The representatives of the two communities talk about Alexandria’s isolationist stance, now led by Michonne since Rick Grimes’ disappearance. Tara hands the Multi-Community Charter of Rights and Freedoms to Ezekiel, so he can look after it until the time comes when their peoples come to a place where they’re willing to sign it.

All in all, this scene begins to clear the fog about what happened before the time jump, but there’s still much more we want to know. Thankfully, we’ve been told to expect the answers we seek this season. For instance, showrunner Angela Kang has promised that the mysterious matching ‘X’ scars sported by Daryl and Michonne will be explained in time. Plus, it’s possible that further flashbacks could even see Lauren Cohan return to explore why Maggie left the Hilltop. Fingers crossed, eh?

Be sure to catch Jesus’ return when The Walking Dead 9×11 “Bounty” airs on AMC this Sunday, February 24th.