The Walking Dead Actress Celebrates 10th Anniversary Of Filming On First Ever Episode

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes

Hey, want to feel old? It’s not quite 10 years since it began airing, but it’s now been a whole decade since production began on The Walking DeadThe six-episode first season of the post-apocalyptic drama kicked off the series in style, paving the way for it to become the pop culture juggernaut that it is today over the next couple of years. To mark this important anniversary, an iconic TWD guest star is remembering the filming of the pilot episode on Twitter.

Actress Addy Miller has the honor of playing the very first zombie ever depicted in the show, the little girl – credited as Summer – who Rick Grimes encounters when he wakes up from his coma. Miller took to social media yesterday to share some behind-the-scenes pics from the pilot, including a sweet one of herself posing with Andrew Lincoln.

“10 years ago today I filmed the little role that changed my life! I am beyond lucky and thankful for everything this show has brought me,” Miller wrote in her tweet. “I love #TWDFamily and the community built around this show.”

Summer is significant for being Rick’s first brush with the horrors of this new world he had woken up to find himself in. When he realized she was one of the undead, the former deputy sheriff was forced to shoot the young girl to put her down, teeing the way for the many dark and demanding actions he would have to take if he wished to survive and look after his loved ones.

A decade later, and much has changed on The Walking Dead. Literally no one from that pilot episode, titled “Days Gone Bye,” is still on the show. Lennie James remains part of the universe, but he now plays Morgan Jones over on Fear the Walking DeadLincoln, of course, vacated the series back in season 9, but he’ll be back to reprise Rick in a trilogy of spinoff movies.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting on The Walking Dead to return to AMC for its delayed season 10 finale.