New Walking Dead Posters Urge Viewers To Wear Masks

The Walking Dead

2020 has been one hell of a ride so far, especially with the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. And it’s not showing any signs of letting up soon, as global cases have now neared 13 million worldwide, resulting in the deaths of almost 600,000 people. Though many countries have started getting the outbreak under control through extreme shutdowns and an abundance of testing, the United States remains the epicenter of the disease with 3.4 million cases and almost 140,000 deaths. In fact, the country is pretty consistently breaking records for most new cases in a day, and things are only going to keep getting worse for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately for the already divided US, the virus has been made largely a political issue, causing significant debate between leaders and the population about how severe COVID-19 actually is. Many are refusing to abide by health officials’ pleas for them to wear masks, and social distancing has become equally divisive. As things spiral out of control, celebrities, health experts, and many companies have begun standing up and requesting that citizens start abiding by the mask rule.

Now, The Walking Dead creators and AMC themselves seem ready to take a louder stance, too. The official Twitter pages for AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond have shared photos of characters from all of three of The Walking Dead shows wearing masks. The tweets implore fans to follow suit by simply stating: “Wear a mask.”

As great as it is to see them standing on the right side of history right now, many fans are still just waiting to see more content from the franchise, The Walking Dead‘s season 10 finale was delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak and is expected to air sometime later this year. Meanwhile, the sixth season of Fear the Walking Dead and the debut season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond should follow soon after. Hopefully, we’ll know more before long.