The Walking Dead Creator Admits TV Carol Is Better Than The Comic Book Version

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The Walking Dead TV series has taken countless characters from the comics in completely different directions, but Carol might be the biggest example. Both start out as meek housewives, but the comic book version is unable to grow past this and eventually commits suicide by feeding herself to a walker early into the series’ lifespan. On screen, however, Carol is one of the most beloved TWD characters because she’s been through so much and is still fighting.

During his panel at [email protected], creator Robert Kirkman was asked what he liked most about Carol’s development on TV. “How inadequate it makes me feel as a writer,” he quipped in response. He then went on to praise the screen character, as played by Melissa McBride, as fully surpassing what he did in the comics.

“[Carol] was someone that I did not see the potential in that has existed in the television character, and has gone on for many many years to do amazing, crazy, awesome stuff. It’s really kind of shined a light on an area of the comic where I kind of fell short. I think that that’s actually a great thing. It reminds me that there’s more potential in any character than I could possibly foresee.”

Most recently on TWD, Carol has been on a quest for vengeance against Alpha and the Whiperers after the death of her son, Henry, which led to the collapse of her marriage to Ezekiel. Her thirst for justice led her to get increasingly reckless, resulting in an attack on the Whisperers which left Connie missing, feared dead. Carol’s come to her senses since then and was last seen with Connie’s sister Kelly, trying to make amends for her rash actions.

Carol and Kelly were outside the tower when Beta sent his walkers to surround the survivors, so they should be able to help everyone escape in The Walking Dead season 10B finale, “A Certain Doom,” which is finally due to arrive on AMC on October 4th, the same night that The Walking Dead: World Beyond premieres.

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