The Walking Dead Fans Choose Who’s Most Likely To Die In Season 10 Finale

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead season 10 came to an impromptu end last weekend, as episode 15 will be the last time we see the post-apocalyptic universe for a while due to post-production delays. Looking at it on the bright side, though, this means that the hype is going to be raised even higher for the finale, titled “A Certain Doom.” And with a title like that, we can rest assured that the installment is going to serve up at least one shocking major death.

But who could it be? With the assembled communities all in one place and surrounded by Beta’s walker army, everyone’s in danger where things stand. But the fans have now decreed who their top pick is for the most likely character to meet a gory end when TWD returns. Over on the show’s subreddit, a poll was conducted asking folks to predict who’s on their way out. And, out of almost 1600 votes cast, 793 of them believe that Father Gabriel won’t be surviving into season 11.

The next highest was Alden at 409 votes. Alden’s certainly among those at immediate risk, as the penultimate episode saw him and Aaron surrounded by Whisperers. However, a sneak peek at the finale has confirmed their attackers will be taken out by a mysterious masked stranger. Though of course, we don’t yet know whether he’s friend or foe, so the pair’s relief could be short-lived.

As for Gabriel, fans are likely influenced by how the character was written out at this stage in the comics, when he got himself caught on the water tower and was gutted by Beta for his trouble. Alden and Aaron were the ones on the tower when Beta came in the series, but Gabriel could easily meet a slightly tweaked version of this fate in the finale. Though is that what the writers have got planned? Or is someone else about to meet their end?

While we wait for The Walking Dead season 10 finale to arrive on AMC, tell us, who do you think is going to die next? Join the conversation in the comments section below.