The Walking Dead Fans Can’t Handle How Creepy The Whisperers Are


The Walking Dead season 9 continued last night and episode 7, titled “Stradavarius,” picked up right where the last outing left off – with Rosita running from the whispering walkers hunting her down. It was a tense opening sequence and it seems fans just couldn’t handle it.

Though the show’s trying to fool us into thinking that these are more evolved zombies, viewers who know the comic books are well aware that these are actually the Whisperers, savage human survivors who’ve taken to wearing walker skins to blend into the hordes of the undead undetected. As in this case, it also allows them to hunt down and attack members of other, more civilized, communities.

Some fans were hyped for the group finally making their TV debut, as evidenced by the Tweet below:

Others, though, were just plain terrified of the Whisperers, particularly their chilling, well, whispering.

With these guys now on her tail, most people were just worrying about Rosita’s safety, and where the heck Eugene had disappeared to.

Later on in the episode, we learned that Rosita had been found pretty badly hurt and taken back to Hilltop, but Eugene was still missing. We don’t know what the Whisperers did to her, but it looks like they were watching the roads to the community. In fact, Connie even spotted something in the woods that must have been one of the creeps. Despite the tension, though, fans still had some fun with this moment.

Next week, the rest of the survivors will encounter the Whisperers for the first time. As the promo below shows us, Rosita and Eugene (who’ll be found) warn the others that these aren’t normal walkers they are facing. Will the truth that their new enemies are as human as they are come out by the episode’s end, though?

We’ll find out when The Walking Dead 9×08 “Evolution,” the mid-season finale, arrives on AMC next Sunday, November 25th.