Walking Dead Fans In Shock Over Season 11 Premiere Cliffhanger

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead returned for its 11th and final season this weekend, with the premiere finally airing on AMC. And the run kicked off in dramatic fashion with a genuinely shocking cliffhanger between Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan and the fate of Lauren Cohan’s Maggie. Here’s what went down.

Episode 11×01 “Acheron, Part 1” saw the survivors go on a mission through Washington D.C. in a bid to reach Meridian, the homebase of the Reapers. However, a violent storm forces them underground, where they have to continue through a subway station overrun with walkers. At the end of the episode, Maggie and Negan are separated from the rest and are fleeing from a zombie horde. Negan makes it to safety, but Maggie doesn’t. Instead of helping her, the former Savior lets his old enemy lose her grip on the subway car and fall to the hungry walkers below.

Yup, after several seasons of learning to be a better person and seemingly reforming, Negan appears to have switched back to his old ways and allowed Maggie to die. As you’d expect, this cliffhanger has left fans with their jaws on the floor, and social media is ablaze with shocked reactions from TWD viewers.

We don’t need this stress.

Negan was definitely giving off Scar vibes.

We were rooting for you!

Damn, Negan, that was cold.

“Maggie better be ok.”

So is Maggie going to make it out alive? Well, yeah, we’re pretty confident she will, considering that Cohan’s a regular again this season. Still, there’s no way around the fact that Negan left her to die, so that could have major consequences going forward. How will the others trust him now?

The Walking Dead 11×02 “Acheron, Part 2” airs next Sunday on AMC. However, if you can’t wait to find out what happens next, you can stream the episode now on AMC Plus.