The Walking Dead Producers Want At Least Seven Seasons

With Season 3 underway of AMC’s zombie phenomenon The Walking Dead, which is surging forward with even more record-breaking numbers, one has to wonder how long the silver screen version of Robert Kirkman’s now famous comic will run. Surprisingly enough, if you ask either producer, we’re in for a boatload more adventures from Rick and his crew.

Just how many adventures depends which producer you ask, though.

If we’re listening to Glen Mazzara, then the series will end with Season 7, as the producer has a concrete ending in mind which every character is hurdling dangerously towards. What that ending could be is a total mystery, but Mazzara has been recently reassuring fans some of the darker and seedier material from Kirkman’s comic won’t be disregarded in the show. With Rick and company fortifying the prison and meeting “The Governor” this season, it’s only a matter of time before Mazzara is proved right or wrong.

Recently though, Gale Anne Hurd weighed in on The Walking Dead‘s future, going against what Mazzara has in mind. Acknowledging the bevy of plot-lines which populate Kirkman’s comic, the producer had this to say about when the show should end:

There is so much rich material to draw from and so many fantastic characters. There are so many different situations and characters to join our survivors, as well as [characters] to be pitted against them… I think there is no limit. There is certainly no limit to the comic book series and Robert has probably 250 [issues] figured out.

Can’t say I disagree much with her assessment, because Kirkman’s comic can seemingly go on forever given the rate new survivors come in and out of his story. There are tons more locations for the show to explore, a rotating cast of new faces that could be featured, and some really monumental moments which had me gasping for air, and that was only through beautifully illustrated pictures. It’d be a shame for some of these moments not to be attempted in the show, bringing to life Kirkman’s bleak but masterful storytelling.

With that said, I believe the only way for AMC’s The Walking Dead to continue that long is if Kirkman’s comic book spark is discovered. Comparing my emotional investment in the show to my investment in his comic, I’m still much more enthralled by Kirkman’s graphic storytelling. When certain characters met their demise on paper, I literally felt an emotional reaction to the notion I’d never see that survivor again. In the show, when some of the same characters died, I almost couldn’t be bothered with a passing thought.  I’m desperately longing for both stories to reach an equal level of entertainment, which I believe will be the key to prolonged television success.

Then again, if 10.9 million viewers keep tuning in, I highly doubt AMC will be pulling any plugs, no matter what this comic book fanboy says. As long as there’s still a shockingly large audience warranting more episodes, Gale Anne Hurd could see 20 seasons of zombie carnage pass before Glen Mazzara finally gets his ending.

What do you think? Should The Walking Dead have a doomsday clock ticking down towards the final bombshell moment? Or do you agree with Gale and her want to include every juicy detail from Kirkman’s comic into the show.

Source: Screen Rant