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The Walking Dead Season 10 Ends With A Big Death

At long last, The Walking Dead returned for its season 10 finale tonight and the show went out on a surprising note.

The Walking Dead

So, was the wait worth it?

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That’s the question that fans of The Walking Dead will undoubtedly be asking themselves now that the long-delayed – and we do mean long-delayed – season 10 finale has finally aired. Indeed, thanks to COVID-19, the episode was moved from its initial premiere date back in April to tonight, October 4th. And the wait has certainly been a tough one.

Thankfully, though, the outing mostly delivered, offering a handful of fantastic moments, some extremely tantalizing teases for the future and, of course, a big death scene for one of the show’s major characters. And if you haven’t already figured it out, spoilers lie ahead.

None other than Beta met his end in tonight’s installment of The Walking Dead, and appropriately so, it was Daryl who managed to finish him off. As ComicBook.com explains:

Luring away a portion of the horde with a booming distraction to the tune of “Burning Down the House” by Talking Heads, the guts-covered heroes turn to fightin’ fire with fire by slipping through the horde and picking off Whisperers. When Beta catches a glimpse of what appears to be Alpha — actually her disowned daughter Lydia (Cassady McClincy) — it’s enough of a distraction for a masked Negan to set off Beta with a well-placed taunt.

The rage-fueled behemoth pins Negan but is blocked by a slash from Daryl, who plunges his pair of knives into Beta’s eyes. A whisper turns into a scream, and Beta gives himself away to the walker horde that quickly devours him. As clawing walkers tear away the fleshy mask that he never removes, exposing his real face for the first and last time, a euphoric Beta disappears into the zombie horde.

Though the character’s demise may not have come as the biggest surprise, it was certainly handled well and overall, the finale closed off what’s been a terrific season in a satisfying manner, tying up all sorts of loose ends but also planting the seeds for where The Walking Dead is headed next, as it quickly approaches its end.

Yes, unfortunately, the show is soon coming to a close, but these last couple of seasons have truly turned things around from where we were a few years ago and with everything that was set up in tonight’s installment, and everything that we know is still to come, it thankfully looks like the hit zombie drama will be able to go out on a high when it wraps up at some point in 2022.

Tell us, though, did you enjoy the finale? As always, feel free to sound off down below with your thoughts on the episode.