The Walking Dead Season 10B Promo Reveals New Look At Whisperer Negan


When we last saw Negan, he’d managed to escape his jail cell in Alexandria and had surprisingly joined forces with the Whisperers. A previous promo for The Walking Dead season 10B revealed that the former big bad will don a walker mask along with the rest of the creepy community in this second half of the run, and now, this new featurette highlighting what’s to come gives us a fresh full look at Whisperer Negan.

In the featurette, which you can see above, a clip shown at the 1:22 mark shows Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s villain blending in amongst a horde of Whisperers and walkers. Well, sort of blending in. He hasn’t taken off his signature leather jacket, of course. He might be wearing decaying zombie skin on his face, but he’s still got some style.

“Negan is with them now. That could still go a lot of different ways,” executive producer Denise Huth teases in the promo. Morgan concurs with her statement with his own hint, “You just don’t know where he sits with anything.”

At least at first, Negan will be doing his best to gain the trust of Alpha, with Morgan describing the pair as a “formidable twosome.” This will make Negan an enemy of Beta, Alpha’s right-hand, though. As Ryan Hurst says in this featurette, Beta “doesn’t trust him at all.” Hurst also hints that Beta’s loyalty to Alpha might be about to break. “At what point is it gonna be too much for Beta to keep following Alpha?”

Speaking about the season generally, showrunner Angela Kang promises that though the first half took a “Cold War approach,” the second half will see things “get hot.” TWD‘s Chief Content Officer Scott M. Gimple then made clear that “huge things happen this season, right out of the gate.”

Be sure to catch The Walking Dead when it returns to AMC with episode 10×09 “Squeeze” on Sunday, February 23rd.