New Walking Dead Trailer Teases Negan’s Return To Power


Negan has been the big bad of The Walking Dead for the past two and a bit seasons, but he was finally defeated at the end of season 8. In a somewhat controversial move, though, Rick Grimes decided to keep his nemesis alive and lock him up in order to show that he’s a better persona than the Lucille-wielding lunatic. Apparently, though, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s villain still poses a threat, as teased by this new trailer.

Yes, the latest promo for season 9 of The Walking Dead has arrived and along with some fresh footage for fans to feast on, it also shows us that Negan is plotting his return to power, with the big bad saying, “You’re not saving the world, you’re just getting it ready for me.” Cue shivers.

Of course, we got a glimpse of Negan and Rick’s new dynamic in the first trailer for The Walking Dead season 9 that was revealed at Comic-Con back in the summer, which saw him still getting inside Rick’s head even from behind bars, as he taunted his enemy by warning him that the peace he’d set up would not last. And from everything we’ve seen so far, it looks like he’s right.

The other big thing that’s got fans talking is that season 9 of The Walking Dead begins with an 18-month time jump, thrusting Rick Grimes and his crew far into the future of this ravaged wasteland. Exactly how things pan out for AMC’s core band of survivors from there is unknown, but at the very least, we can take solace in the fact that season 9’s so-far untitled premiere will be an extended one.

That’s good to know, too, as Rick will only be around for a handful of episodes before Andrew Lincoln makes his exit from the show, and though it’s unclear if he’ll be killed off or given a peaceful ending, you can be sure that The Walking Dead fans will be savoring every last second they have with him