The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan Says The Final Episodes Will Be Special


The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan has promised fans that the final episodes of the post-apocalyptic drama are going to be something special. AMC announced last year that their flagship series was coming to a close with its eleventh season, but the good news is that we have a whole 30 outings still to go. That’s a six-part season 10C, debuting later this month, and then a mega-sized 24-episode season 11.

The end isn’t here yet, then, but it is in sight, and Morgan has reflected on the emotions that he and the rest of the TWD cast and crew are feeling knowing that the series is reaching its conclusion soon. The actor hosted a Q&A with his fans this Sunday, and one asked him: “What’s the best thing of the show to you?” Morgan took this opportunity to discuss how much his “second family” on TWD means to him, saying:

Though anyone can be killed off at any second on TWD, we’re pretty sure that Morgan is safe and will continue playing Negan through until the end of the run. As if the star’s tweet didn’t tell us, he’s already confirmed that he makes it out of 10C alive by sharing an image of himself digging into the first scripts for season 11. That said, AMC hasn’t announced plans for a Negan spinoff yet – unlike Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride’s Daryl and Carol show, which means they’re definitely going to live – so there could be a surprise on the way.

Morgan’s big moment in the next batch of episodes comes in the finale, “Here’s Negan,” which will take us back to the ex-Savior’s origins, something fans have been waiting to see for the longest time.

The Walking Dead season 10C kicks off on AMC with episode 10×17 “Home Sweet Home” on Sunday, February 28th (or you can catch it a week earlier on AMC+).