The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan Says Negan’s In Trouble Now That Maggie’s Back

The Walking Dead

Following her comeback in the season 10B finale, Lauren Cohan’s Maggie Rhee stepped into the spotlight for this past Sunday’s Walking Dead season 10C premiere. The episode saw the character ultimately decide to remain in Alexandria with her new allies and son Hershel, despite her long-term simmering hatred of Negan, her husband Glenn’s killer. Don’t expect the animosity between them to go away, however, as Cohan has promised that Negan is “in trouble” now that she’s back.

After the episode, titled “Home Sweet Home,” aired, AMC released a featurette which sees the cast and crew chatting about Maggie’s return. Cohan gave us some insight into the thinking behind her character’s decision to move back into the vicinity of Negan, saying that her love for her son trumps her hate for the ex-Savior.

“Getting Hershel to Alexandria is so important. They’ve had no safety net as a family, and despite the challenge of Maggie being face-to-face with Negan again, nothing is more important than whatever she can do for her son,”

EP Denise Huth then added some further context to Maggie’s actions, describing it as all about taking Negan’s power over her away from him.

“She’s making a very conscious effort to not allow Negan to control her,” says Huth. “That power that he had over her is part of why she left, and the decision to come back means he doesn’t get that power anymore.”

At the end of the episode, we see Maggie pass Negan with a steely look on her face. Cohan says she wants to give viewers the freedom to theorize about whether Maggie’s got any revenge planned, but she did promise that the redeemed villain is “in trouble,” so stay tuned for that.

“I definitely would love for people to draw their own conclusions about what Maggie may be thinking when she and Negan come face-to-face again. There’s a long road ahead, there’s a lot to be done. He’s in trouble.”

Next episode switches the focus to Daryl and Carol, with the installment diving back into Daryl’s past to reveal what happened to him when he was searching for Rick Grimes after the Brave Man’s disappearance and also how he came by his pet pooch, Dog. Negan’s own origins story, meanwhile, will at last be told in the season finale.

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