The Walking Dead’s Lennie James Wants Closure With Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes

They might now occupy different corners of The Walking Dead universe, but Lennie James is hoping for a reunion with his old co-star Andrew Lincoln at some point in the future of the franchise. Both actors’ history with TWD dates back to the show’s very first episode, but the pair eventually vacated the series at separate times. James went over to lead spinoff Fear the Walking Dead in its fourth season, while Lincoln left in season 9 ahead of his own movie trilogy.

James is keeping his fingers crossed, though, that he’ll get to work with his good pal again. The Morgan Jones star took part in a Reddit AMA to promote the premiere of the new season of British drama Save Me Too and was asked if he agrees that Morgan needs to encounter Rick Grimes again to bring “closure” to their complicated relationship. Here’s how he responded:

“I agree with anything that means I will be back in the company of my mate Andy! So yes, if closure does it, then let’s have closure!”

A separate question posed whether James missed working on the parent series and the actor explained that he does get nostalgic for his time on the Georgia-shot show, though he’s excited by the stuff he’s doing down in Texas on Fear. 

“I miss my friends. I miss Atlanta,” he wrote. “That said, I’m really enjoying Austin and what we’re doing over here on Fear.”

The last time James and Lincoln shared the screen was in the Fear season 4 premiere, where Rick turned up for a cameo to help explain why Morgan upped and left. It’s feasible we could get another flashback scene on Fear that would allow for the friends to work together again, but it might be more likely for James to turn up in Lincoln’s upcoming movies. Alternatively, it could happen in that big Marvel-style TWD crossover event that’s in development.

Morgan’s adventures continue as Fear the Walking Dead season 6 unfolds Sundays on AMC, alongside new episodes of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. The Walking Dead, meanwhile, is in production now and returns in the new year.