First WandaVision Set Photos Tease The Start Of Production


With filming now underway for WandaVision, Instagram account Atlanta Filming has shared a handful of set pics featuring Kathryn Hahn of Transparent and Bad Moms fame.

The photos don’t tell us a huge amount the upcoming Disney Plus series or the role of Hahn – who’s apparently playing a nosy neighbor to the show’s main characters – but we at least get a glimpse of the purple shirt she looks to be wearing for the role.

In the caption, Atlanta Filming makes it clear that there were plenty of spoiler-heavy sights to be witnessed on set that they have chosen not to share, even posting a photo that consists of little more than a big, black censor box.

That being said, these Hahn photos aren’t the only material that WandaVision’s ongoing production has yielded. For example, the same Instagram account has also posted a 7-second video of what they claim to “Agnes’ house,” Agnes being the alleged name for Hahn’s character.

It’s not much, but given how long we still have to wait for the show’s premiere, it’s probably for the best that the whole game isn’t given away already. If you’re looking for a little more content, however, the first official photo from the series emerged earlier this month, featuring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany in a household styled like a 1950s sitcom.

Meanwhile, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige teased at last weekend’s CCXP that the show will see Wanda finally adopt the Scarlet Witch name as the series delves into the meaning of this title. We can expect little details like this to continue to trickle out for the next year-and-a-bit as well, before WandaVision eventually comes to Disney Plus in the spring of 2021.