New WandaVision Theory Says Wanda Has Always Been A Mutant


Last week’s episode of WandaVision may as well have ended with Agatha Harkness winking to the camera right before the ‘Please Stand By’ screen appeared, with “Previously On” finally explaining why Tyler Hayward and Jimmy Woo had an entire conversation earlier in the series establishing that Wanda Maximoff didn’t have a flashy superhero name like the majority of the Avengers.

It was a hugely emotional installment, with Wanda revisiting her past traumas in yet another example of why Elizabeth Olsen will surely be right in the thick of Emmy consideration, but it also presented several intriguing new theories. Of course, WandaVision has spawned a thousand lines of inquiry already, many of which are debunked on a weekly basis, but it’s certainly looking like she’s always possessed her powers.

In the comic books, mutant abilities often don’t manifest until later in life, so there’s every chance Wanda and Pietro might not have discovered their special gifts until they were teenagers. Not only that, but it’s MCU canon that the twins were the only subjects of H.Y.D.R.A.’s experiments to survive, which could be down to the tests exposing their powers instead of creating them.

Agatha herself could also be a mutant, with the prologue set in Salem creating the possible explanation that magic and enhanced abilities would have been viewed as witchcraft at the time, while it wouldn’t be too difficult to retcon Wanda as Magneto’s daughter in the long run by revealing that her Sokovian parents merely took her and Pietro in as children to protect them from their true parentage.

Hopefully we’ll find out on Friday, because you just know there’s going to be an uproar online if the ‘Please Stand By’ flashes up for the ninth and final time without a clear resolution to WandaVision‘s central mystery.