WandaVision Trailer Teased Ties To X-Men And Fantastic Four


Marvel surprised fans late Sunday night by releasing the first trailer for its Disney+ show, WandaVision. The new look offered a peek into what’s sure to be an odd adventure revolving around Scarlet Witch and Vision. But what may have been most exciting about the footage was its possible ties to Marvel’s newly acquired Fox properties.

As early as 2017, Disney announced plans to buy Fox, allowing the entertainment giant to add the likes of The Simpsons, James Cameron’s Avatar franchise and, perhaps most excitingly, the X-Men and Fantastic Four to its roster. The deal finally completed in March 2019, and ever since then fans have been anxiously waiting to see how these characters would be integrated into the MCU. Now, we may have an answer.

Taking a closer look at the new WandaVision trailer, eagle-eyed viewers can spot multiple easter eggs referencing Fox’s Marvel catalog. For one, early on in the promo we get our first look at S.W.O.R.D., or the Sentient World Observation and Response Department. Essentially Marvel’s space version of S.H.I.E.L.D., S.W.O.R.D. often deals with intergalactic threats and first appeared in the pages of an X-Men comic in 2004.

Additionally, the trailer offers a first look at Kathryn Hahn’s character, who was described as a “nosy neighbor” back when WandaVision was first announced. Fans have guessed that Hahn is actually playing a reimagined version of Agatha Harkness, an ancient witch who originated as an ally to the Fantastic Four and acted as a mentor to Scarlet Witch in the comics. While the trailer confirms Hahn’s character to be named “Agnes,” we’ll have to keep a close watch to see if this theory holds true.

In any case, WandaVision marks a refreshing change of pace for the studio and the show is shaping up to be quite unique, to say the least. Be sure to catch it on Disney+ later this year.