WandaVision Writer Addresses Ghost Rider Rumors

Ghost Rider

A few weeks back, there was a flurry of speculation that the Marvel Cinematic Universe was finally putting its ducks in a row to reboot Ghost Rider as part of official continuity, eight years after the studio first reacquired the rights to the cult favorite character, and five since Gabriel Luna debuted in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Robbie Reyes, before his planned Hulu spinoff was canceled in 2019.

The chatter came from a pair of reports, one of which revealed Marvel had filed the paperwork for a new company named Richmond Street Productions LLC, as they do when a new project is gearing up to shoot. Brooklyn’s Richmond Street isn’t too far from Cypress Hills National Cemetery, which has comic book ties to the Midnight Sons and the origin story of second Ghost Rider Danny Ketch.

The other was much more speculative in nature, after WandaVision scribe Peter Cameron updated his LinkedIn profile to confirm he was working on another Marvel Studios series. Given his background in horror-tinged fantasy, there was a lot of buzz online that he’d been tapped for the Spirit of Vengeance.

Unfortunately, Cameron has taken to social media and poured cold water over the rumors that it might be Ghost Rider-related, but he’s at least confirmed he’s remaining in the MCU sandbox for a little longer, as you can see below.

Having recently posted a photo of Oscar Isaac in front of a wall-to-wall collection of Moon Knight images on his Instagram account, it would be safe to assume that’s the show Cameron is currently involved with. Marc Spector’s live-action debut has been filming since the end of April, so the writer has done well not to give the game away up until now.