New Marvel Company Filing May Hint At A Ghost Rider Series

Ghost Rider

It was less than a week ago rumors began circulating that WandaVision writer Peter Cameron could be working on a Ghost Rider series for Disney Plus, which was admittedly based on little more than the scribe updating his LinkedIn profile to include a mysterious Marvel Studios show, coupled with his background in horror and fantasy, having been involved in Amazon’s Carnival Row and The Magic Order.

Another new development has surfaced, and while it’s a little bit of a stretch in some regards, it’s not the most far-fetched thing we’ve ever heard, either. As per a new report, Marvel have filed the paperwork for a new company called Richmond Street Productions LLC, which was listed as a direct-to-consumer streaming series.

Those familiar with the Ghost Rider lore and New York City will be aware that Richmond Street in Brooklyn isn’t too far from Cypress Hills National Cemetery, which has ties to both the Spirit of Vengeance mythology, Midnight Sons and the origin story of Danny Ketch, the second character to sport the mantle in Marvel Comics after Johnny Blaze.

While that sounds somewhat tenuous, let’s not forget that we discovered Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was in pre-production when LLC Infinity Productions III was founded, while Loki‘s second run of episodes was foreshadowed by Limbo Productions filing for multiple seasons of television.

Publicly, Kevin Feige has never been overly enthusiastic about the prospect of Ghost Rider joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the Disney Plus shows have proven that the franchise is willing to make bigger swings and take more risks than ever before, and a supernatural being with his skull on fire who loves leather and motorcycles definitely fits the bill.