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Watch: Chet Hanks sees nothing to apologize for in ‘Ziwe’ season 2 trailer

Ziwe is bringing the heat with season 2 of the iconic late-night talk show where no discussion topic is off the table.

“A woman belongs in the house, and the senate, and the basement if she’s bad,” says Ziwe, winking as welcomes audiences to the sophomore season of the Showtime late-night talk/sketch show, Ziwe.

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With a lineup of celebrity guests from Emily Ratajkowski, Hannibal Buress, Ilana Glazer, and Chet Hanks, this season will make an impact. Ziwe will discuss everything from empowerment to CRT with her guests, who she demands apologies from. Hanks, however, is having none of it. 

Of course, one of her skits also shows Ratajkowski saying she doesn’t know the meaning of the word empowerment, so we’re taking it all with a grain of salt — but Hanks is no stranger to drama, so we’re interested to see how that turns out.

All in all — that’s the point of the series. Ziwe is shaking up our comfort level, and while there’s an element of humor, there’s an undertone that’s quite serious.

As the trailer for season two shows, she’s upping the ante this season, and we can’t wait to see it. You can stream the first season on Showtime Anytime and watch hilarious interview clips online before season two premieres on April 29