Watch: Cobra Kai Season 4 Trailer Confirms December Release


Cobra Kai fans will receive an extra gift this holiday season in the form of season four, which they can catch a glimpse of in the latest teaser trailer. 

Cobra Kai initially launched as a YouTube Red series in 2018 and introduced a new generation to the iconic Karate Kid franchise. After YouTube closed its doors on original programming, Netflix bought the rights to the series and released season three in January of 2021. Fans of all ages have enjoyed the classic characters returning to their screens and have patiently waited for season four. 

As reported by Decider, Netflix finally revealed today that Cobra Kai is returning in December and also released a short teaser trailer for good measure. The trailer contains several hints at the new season, including short clips of Johnny and Daniel sharing a fistbump, Daniel and Miguel training, and Johnny karate-chopping a cement block. Fans might have also noticed a short glimpse at what appears to be Terry Silver’s ponytail, who is confirmed to return in season four. 

Silver was the villain in Karate Kid III, and fans have long awaited his return in Cobra Kai. It is unclear if Mike Barnes, another key villain in Karate Kid III, will also return in season four. While the official details of his role in the season have not been revealed, fans can rejoice in seeing another character from the original trilogy appearing. 

Cobra Kai season 4 is scheduled to release in December.