Watch: Daryl Returns In Creepy Walking Dead Season 11 Clip


“It comes for us all,” teases this moody first clip from The Walking Dead season 11 premiere. But though that’s an ominous warning for Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon, it’s happy news for us. The much-anticipated final season of the post-apocalyptic drama comes for us all in just a few weeks’ time.

Recently AMC launched its The Walking Dead Origins docuseries, with each episode of the four-part series recapping the journeys of some of the show’s most iconic characters. The first episode, Daryl’s Story, focused on Reedus’ beloved survivor, bringing with it this exclusive minute-long clip from opening two-parter, “Acheron, Parts 1 & 2”. Check it out in the player at the top of the page.

The atmospheric sneak peek sees Daryl and Dog exploring a long-abandoned subway tunnel. Previous promos have featured curious wall graffiti and this clip reveals where these messages come from. Daryl spots the decayed corpse of a well-dressed man, clutching onto a briefcase overflowing with now-useless cash. “It comes for us all,” is written above him. On the opposite wall, Daryl finds a mural which appears to be a criticism of a class divide between the crowned elite and the poor and hungry.

This is likely a bit of foreshadowing for the Commonwealth arc that is set to unfold across this final season, as these themes will be familiar to those who’ve read the last issues of Robert Kirkman’s comic book. Remember, season 11 is probably going to take its time building up to our heroes discovering the Commonwealth as they’ve first got to deal with the threat of the Reapers, original-to-TV antagonists introduced in season 10C.

The Walking Dead season 11 consists of a super-sized 24 episodes that will release in three batches of eight. The first mini-season is due to kick off on AMC from Sunday, August 22nd. AMC Plus subscribers can stream the premiere a week earlier from August 15th.