Watch: New Falcon And The Winter Soldier Clip Sees Sam Take To The Skies

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

He might be about to become the new Captain America, but Sam Wilson isn’t going to lose what makes him special as a superhero – his experimental wing suit that allows him to fly. And, in this new clip from Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldierwhich premieres this Friday on Disney Plus, Anthony Mackie’s hero takes to the skies once again.

Mackie appeared on Good Morning America this Wednesday to promote the incoming MCU show, bringing with him a brand new sneak peek at the hotly anticipated series. The clip sees Sam being employed by the government to prevent a hijacked airplane from entering hostile foreign airspace. “This has to be subtle,” he’s instructed. “Subtle. Got it,” Sam responds, before jumping out of a plane and deploying his very unsubtle wings.

The last time we saw Wilson, he had been given Cap’s shield by a now retired Steve Rogers, with his friend trusting him to continue the legacy of the Sentinel of Liberty. Falcon won’t kick off with Sam in the red, white and blue, however, but will explore the character wrestling with what it means to be Captain America first, including training with Steve’s oldest pal and his frenemy Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan).

Plus, as the trailers have teased, there’ll be a new Cap on the scene, too. Wyatt Russell’s John Walker – also known as U.S. Agent in the comics – has been hired as the government’s own choice for Rogers’ replacement. What’s more, Sam and Bucky will have to contend with a resurfaced Zemo (Daniel Brühl), who’s still dedicated to wiping out the world’s superheroes. At least the dynamic duo have Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) as an ally.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier kicks off its six-episode (first?) season on Disney Plus this March 19th.