Watch: The World Needs A New Cap In Falcon And The Winter Soldier Promo

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Sad that there are only two episodes left of WandaVision? Don’t be, as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is due to premiere in just three weeks’ time. The Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan vehicle was supposed to be the very first Marvel series on Disney Plus, but it was held up due to COVID-19-related filming delays. It’s finally almost here, however, bringing with it a new era of the MCU, and you can check out the latest teaser up above.

As we all know, Sam Wilson was Steve Rogers’ chosen replacement as his successor in Avengers: Endgame, so Falcon will explore Sam’s rise as the new Captain America. He’s not going to be rocking the stars and stripes right away, though, but he’ll get there eventually. At the 0:18 mark of this promo, we see Sam and Bucky training with the Sentinel of Liberty’s shield. “They need a Cap,” Sergeant Barnes tells his pal. “Damn right,” Sam responds, though this looks to be from later in the scene.

You may have caught a lesser-quality version of this TV spot online earlier this week, but it packs much more of a punch in HD. For instance, the promo gives us our best look yet at Daniel Bruhl in full costume as Baron Zemo. In Captain America: Civil War, there was no sign of the Sokovian villain’s classic purple mask, but here it is in all its glory, complete with a fur-lined coat that references his comic book costume. In terms of his ambitions, though, Zemo hasn’t changed since we last saw him. “Superheroes,” he intones. “They cannot be allowed to exist.”

Don’t forget, Wyatt Russell’s also on board as John Walker – usually known as U.S. Agent – the government’s own official choice to be the new Captain America. Expect there to be some rivalry between Sam and Bucky and Walker, but will they end up on the same side? We’ll find out when The Falcon and The Winter Soldier begins unfolding its six-episode season on Friday, March 19th.