Watch: Final Adventure Time: Distant Lands Episode Gets A New Teaser Trailer


Choose Goose spells a riddle in the new teaser for the final episode of Adventure Time’s anthology miniseries, Distant Lands.

With the first three episodes streaming on HBO Max, “Wizard City” will focus on Peppermint Butler. Magically de-aged in the show’s final episode, the former practitioner of dark arts will have to learn magic again from a school in the titular Wizard City. There, he befriends Cadebra, a wizard student whose design suggests a familial connection to Abracadaniel.

What is Distant Lands?

Each episode of Adventure Time: Distant Lands follows a different character or characters to tie up loose threads from the series’ finale. All four installments are set outside the timeline of the TV show’s 10 seasons.

In its first episode, BMO went on an interstellar journey, while “Obsidian” starred Princess Bubblegum and Marceline as a couple learning to live together. 

The anticipated order of Distant Lands was upended when “Together Again,” with a focus on Finn and Jake’s last adventure together, ran as the penultimate episode of the miniseries. When the four-part special was originally announced and all we knew was the title of the episode, fans hoped that the locale might suggest a focus on fan-favorite Huntress Wizard, whose potential as one of the series’ coolest side characters and complicated romantic interest in Finn left fans wanting more.

Now, Distant Lands concludes with Peppermint Butler in “Wizard City.” We last saw Peppermint Butler in “Together Again.” Set several decades after the show’s finale and “Wizard City,” we know that he will grow up to rule the Candy Kingdom as princess in Bonnibel’s stead. But what will happen before then?

An early sneak peek of the episode introduced us to Cadebra and showed us what wizard school looks like. It’s clear that Peppermint Butler will have access to studying the dark magic he once mastered. As for what comes next? We’ll see more soon.

“Wizard City” will be streaming on HBO Max on Sep. 2.