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Watch: Locke & Key Season 2 Trailer Teases More Supernatural Adventures

Netflix and IDW have dropped the first trailer for Locke & Key's long-awaited second season ahead of release next month.

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Locke & Key, Netflix’s supernatural horror-lite series based on Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s IDW comic series of the same name, finally makes its long-awaited return next month. Almost two years have passed since the Locke children battle with and defeated Dodge, believing they had returned the demonic force back to where it came.

In truth (and it goes without saying that spoilers are present from here on out), Dodge managed to, well, dodge its incarceration behind the Omega Door, pulling the old switcheroo with Ellie via use of the Identity Key. Presumably, the gang will discover this deception in Season 2, as well as come to the realization that Eden is now possessed by an altogether different eldritch horror that calls the void beyond the Omega Door home.

Numerous other loose ends, chiefly Duncan Locke’s ongoing case of chronic amnesia, will hopefully get some form of resolution or progression, while, Bode, Kinsey and Tyler will, yet again, find themselves having to balance the life of an ordinary teen with a supernatural family history. Depending on how much of the source material this year’s follow-up covers, audiences will also get to learn more about Dodge’s origins and intentions.

Locke & Key Season 2 comes to Netflix next month. Check out the debut trailer for yourselves above.

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