Watch: John Cena brings the noise in new ‘Peacemaker’ trailer


What better way to ring in 2022 than with a brand new, and very R-rated, trailer for upcoming HBO Max series Peacemaker?

Warner Bros. and DC Films’ shared superhero universe was always going to expand into episodic television with the advent of WarnerMedia’s in-house streaming service, but a foul-mouthed and incredibly violent effort from John Cena and James Gunn that picks up after the events of The Suicide Squad is nothing if not a massively exciting way to kick things off.

Having stolen virtually every scene he was in during his franchise debut, Cena’s Christopher Smith takes center stage in the irreverent show, and it’s evident that the WWE stalwart is having a blast. Gunn created the concept, wrote the entire run of episodes and directed five of them himself, which becomes abundantly clear when the latest promo has the filmmaker’s fingerprints all over it in terms of style, tone, dialogue, not to mention a winning blend of pyrotechnics and profanity.

Peacemaker premieres on January 13, with Gunn promising that every single one of the eight installments will have a credits scene, and based on what we’ve seen in the newest promo spot, it’s going to be a riotous adventure that won’t be afraid to push the boundaries of what you can get away with on TV.