Watch: Latest Arcane Trailer Teases Jinx Is On Her Way This Saturday


Tomorrow, Netflix premieres Act 2 for its immensely popular League of Legends animated series Arcane. And a new trailer published today reveals that a beloved character will finally debut on Saturday.

Jinx, the popular League of Legends champion that serves as Arcane’s second protagonist, is on her way in Riot Games’ next three episodes. A new trailer, seen above, shows a little bit of Jinx in action. Expect plenty of explosive combat once she arrives on screen, along with some intense drama between the iconic champion and her fellow series lead, Vi.

Arcane first premiered on Nov. 6 to widespread (and somewhat unexpected) critical acclaim. The series tells the origin story of Vi and Jinx, two female criminals from similar backgrounds who chart wildly different paths despite their harsh upbringings. The show serves as a precursor of sorts to League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena title known for its beloved female characters.

Shortly after Arcane began, Riot Games’ series punted Squid Game from its global slot as Netflix’s number-one show. While Arcane has since dropped a bit in popularity, tomorrow’s next three installments are sure to pique new interest in the animated adaptation. That’s in no small part thanks to an ongoing marketing campaign by Netflix to reach League of Legends fans and franchise newcomers alike, with today’s trailer being the latest example.

Arcane is available to stream on Netflix. Nine episodes are planned for the first season in total, with the season finale expected for Nov. 20.