Watch: Maggie And Daryl Have A Heart-To-Heart In New Walking Dead Clip

The Walking Dead

Ahead of the new mini-season’s debut this Sunday, a fresh clip from The Walking Dead‘s return has arrived online. Six episodes are about to unfold over the next month and a half, with the first one – 10×17 “Home Sweet Home” – focusing on Lauren Cohan’s Maggie now that she’s back home. We previously got a sneak peek at her frosty reunion with Negan and you can have a look at her much cozier catch-up with Daryl Dixon in the player above.

The minute-long clip sees Maggie and Norman Reedus’ Daryl having a touching heart-to-heart, as the former opens up about how she spent some time away from the horrors of the world at her grandmother’s old place by the ocean. She tearfully admits that she always planned to go there with Glenn one day but she took Hershel instead. The mother and son had a happy time, she tells Daryl, but Maggie had responsibilities elsewhere and couldn’t stay forever.

Hershel has come with Maggie back to Virginia, and we’ve already got a brief glimpse of the youngest Rhee thanks to the promos. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has also pitched that Negan could befriend Hershel, just like he gets along with Judith, which could either help Maggie see that he’s changed or make her furious. As the clip above shows us, she’s still carrying her grief over Glenn’s murder at Negan’s hands around with her and has yet to fully come to terms with it.

While the mini-season opener will showcase Maggie, the following episodes will put other characters in the spotlight, such as Daryl and Carol, Eugene and his group and, of course, Negan, with the season finale at last exploring his origin story. Of course, if you’re an AMC+ subscriber, you’ll have already seen the first episode as that became available to stream as of the 21st. For the rest of us, The Walking Dead returns to AMC this Sunday, February 28th.