Watch: Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2 Trailer Teases All-Out War


Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2 will soon be hitting Netflix, and it’s looking to raise the stakes—and the action—following the first season, if the above trailer is any indication.

In the opening to the trailer, we hear Mark Hamill’s Skeletor give an ominous monologue: “We want to believe in an ordered universe…some grand architecture holding it all together…but alas, after all these years, I finally know the real secret of Grayskull: there is only power. And now, I have the power!”

This all comes a day after the Star Wars actor teased that the trailer would drop Wednesday.

In the previous season, Skeletor got his hands on the coveted Sword of Power, becoming the invincible SkeleGod.

But as you can see in the trailer, that doesn’t mean he’s not able to be defeated, with Chris Wood’s He-Man still able to conjure the spark of the Power of Grayskull to become the titular hero.

It’s the kind of leveling-up logic we love to see in animated action titles, evoking the “final form” and “Super Saiyan level 7” logic of Dragon Ball Z and similar franchises.

The show is a more mature-oriented taker on the He-Man franchise from the ’80s, this time helmed by Kevin Smith. It’s one of two animated shows within that franchise on the streaming platform, with the second one being a more kid-friendly reboot, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

There’s reportedly also a live-action He-Man series that is in the works for Netflix.

Billed as a continuation of the classic ’80s cartoon, Revelations season two and will feature five episodes with returning stars Sarah Michelle Geller as Teela, Lena Heady as Evil-Lyn, Liam Cunningham as Man-At-Arms, Susan Eisenberg as the Sorceress, and Alicia Silverstone as Queen Marlena.

You can watch the first season of Master of the Universe: Revelation on Netflix now, with season two arriving on the platform on Nov. 23.