Watch: Money Heist Part 5 Vol. 2 Trailer Teases A Spectacle-Laden Conclusion


With the final season of Netflix’s Money Heist just around the corner, the streaming network has released a new trailer for Part 5 Vol. 2 of the saga, which you can view above.

The trailer showcases both epic and action-packed scenes for the coming conclusion to the series.

The show represents one of Netflix’s biggest successes following its acquisition of the high-concept Spanish drama back in 2017. Prior to the monumental success of Squid Game, Money Heist originally was the streaming platform’s most-watched non-English language series. Both shows have generated a surge of interest in red jumpsuits for Halloween costumes as well, which is integral to each show, interestingly.

The show’s Part 5 Vol. 1 was released at the beginning of September, with the first glimpses at the final five episodes being released in early October with Netflix’s TUDUM event.

In the trailer, we see Alvaro Morte’s The Professor slowly driving past a crowd of demonstrators, then enter a building surrounded by special forces units. Following the death of Ursula Corbero’s Tokyo—its main character and breakout star—we learned in the previous promo that The Professor will be taking over as the new narrator.

We see the remaining members of the team in dire straits, struggling to survive and appearing to be cornered by the special forces team.

In the previous promo, The Professor is heard saying “In the last few hours, I’ve lost people very dear to me…And I won’t let anyone else fall because of this heist.”

We’ll have to see how it all unfolds when Money Heist Part 5 Vol. 2 hits Netflix on Dec. 3.