Watch: Moon Knight Crew Video Confirms Production Has Wrapped

Moon Knight

Marvel Studios always maintains a veil of secrecy around its in-development projects, but Moon Knight is being kept under tighter lock and key than most. The Disney Plus series started shooting towards the end of April, but we still don’t know who the majority of announced cast members are playing.

Ethan Hawke teased he’s basing his mystery villain on Waco leader David Koresh, but he didn’t give a name, while Gaspard Ulliel hasn’t even been confirmed as part of the ensemble despite being listed as Anton Mogart on his talent agency’s website. Oscar Isaac will play man of many personalities Marc Spector, and that’s all we know for sure.

However, a new set video to have made its way to Reddit confirms that principal photography has wrapped after the crew returned from a brief stint in Jordan to Moon Knight‘s Budapest home base, which you can see below.

It might be a little too early, but there’s a slight chance we could see either an official image or some footage from Moon Knight at next month’s Disney Plus Day to tease what has the potential to be one of the MCU’s most distinctive projects to date.

Isaac has already called the show groundbreaking, while it’s set to tackle some serious subject matter, and the notion of a violent antihero suffering from dissociative identity disorder is uncharted territory for the comic book franchise.