Watch: Netflix’s Squid Game Releases Jaw-Dropping Behind The Scenes Video


Netflix’s Squid Game is taking the world by storm and on track to becoming the streaming service’s most-viewed show of all time. Now, fans of the show are being treated to a behind-the-scenes video that was released today by Netflix Korea, which you can view above.

The is based on the premise of cash-strapped contestants getting recruited by a shadow organization into a macabre contest for a life-changing sum of cash as the reward. Unbeknownst to the contestants at first, it swirls around a series of children’s games whose consequence for losing results in the loss of lives.

It’s one of those shows that accomplishes what many great pieces of fiction do: it makes you feel sympathy for characters you once thought villainous and it makes you question the moral integrity of characters you once thought were one of the heroes. Like Game of Thrones in its hey-dey, or Orange Is the New Black, the various ups and downs of each character and the uncertainty of whether we will even locate a singular protagonist who we can put our full trust in becomes part of the fun of continuing to watch it.

The video offers a fascinating glimpse into the creation of the imaginative and visually stunning show, including the kinetic and breathtaking work of the actors and cameramen during the high energy Red Light Green Light game scenes, a wider view of the urban area in which that game was filmed, some interesting time lapses of the building of sets related to the games, as well as some behind-the-scenes glimpses at some of the underground segments of the show.

You can check out Squid Game right now on Netflix.