Watch: New Lucifer Promo Recaps Season 5 Ahead Of Final Season

After two previous false alarms, Lucifer is actually 100 percent ending for good with its incoming sixth season. As it was originally envisioned as the last, though, season 5 already pulled out all the stops, introducing not just Lucifer’s evil twin brother Michael (Tom Ellis in a dual role) but also God Himself (Dennis Haysbert). It was a pretty packed season, so this recap video might help you remember everything that went down before the show returns for one final time this weekend. Check it out above.

One thing you probably do remember about season 5 is how it ended. First God showed up to stop his sons from killing each other. Then he decided that it was the time for him to retire, leaving it up to his boys to battle for who should replace him. Ultimately Lucifer got the better of his brother, leaving him clear to swap being the Devil for being the Almighty Himself. That’s about as big a switch-up to the status quo as you can get going into the final season. That said, previous trailers have revealed he’s not exactly at full God mode just yet.

Reluctant to leave Los Angeles and Chloe (Lauren German) behind, Lucifer is neglecting to assume his father’s throne in the Silver City (AKA Heaven), which looks to cause the rules of reality to break down and the apocalypse to begin. This promises to lead to much patented Lucifer nuttiness, including an animated episode, which follows on from the noir and musical episodes that season 5 delivered.

Unfortunately, Lucifer season 6 won’t be as long as season 5 and will return to the 10-episode order of season 4, the first Netflix run of the show. So, once the new batch of episodes land this Friday, Sept. 10, that really is it for Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker. Find out how it all ends tomorrow only on Netflix.