Watch: New Trailer From Netflix’s Stop-Motion Film Robin Robin Coming From Chicken Run Studio


Netflix dropped a trailer for a brand new stop-motion Christmas movie called Robin Robin from Aardman Studio, the company responsible for the popular Chicken Run and Wallace & Gromit properties.

The trailer stars an adorable little bird with toothpick legs named Robin. Robin was raised by mice and believes she can sneak around like a mouse, but she’s pretty clumsy and keeps drawing attention to herself.

The short movie (it clocks in at 32 minutes) was conceived and directed by Dan Ojari and Mikey Please. It’s incredibly family-friendly and it features that trademark Aardman Studio style.

Bronte Carmichael (Christopher Robin) plays Robin, Adeel Akhtar (Enola Holmes) plays Robin’s mouse father and Gillian Anderson (The X-Files) plays a cat. The movie is musical, with songs by British musical group The Bookshop Band.

The plot centers around Robin’s sheer determination to become a real mouse like the family that raised her. She decides to break into a house to get the shiny star on top of a spiky tree inside a human family’s house, and hijinks ensue.

Unlike some previous Aardman Studio movies, Robin Robin is made with needle felt, not plasticine, giving it a shimmery, dreamlike quality. It feels playful but focused all at once.

It’s apparent that the filmmakers took special care to highlight the details of this wistful world. When sneaking through the house, you can see dirty dishes stacked with old food, coffee cups with old coffee, and even wine glasses with liquid that acts according to physics.

The sound effects are bright and engaging as well, with the tinks of silverware and the creaking of a wooden door all given full attention. It’s a feast for the eyes and looks to be a delightful addition to the Aardman Studio library.

The movie premieres on November 24th on Netflix.