Watch: Paramount’s ‘Halo’ series gets a second trailer

halo series
Image via Paramount Plus

With its release date set for later this month, a new trailer has launched giving fans a better look at Paramount Plus’ Halo series.

The new look is Halo’s second trailer, and includes glimpses of iconic characters and items from the game series. Amid the footage, you may spot The Covenant, the energy sword, and of course, Master Chief.

In this trailer, we get further insight into the story, with narration detailing the dire circumstances humanity has been placed in from the war with the Covenant. Along with its story, the series’ flashy visuals are on full display in this footage.

Fans don’t have long to wait until they can check out the series for themselves: Halo will premiere exclusively on the Paramount Plus streaming service on March 24.

This latest trailer is only the second for the show, with its debut promo launching back at the end of January.

And while Halo is based on the iconic Microsoft game series its story will differ; for the first time, Master Chief will be shown without his helmet, which was a choice that the team believes will help fans connect with the character more.

Pablo Schreiber, who will be playing Master Chief, shared that he understands the pressure for him to represent the role well. Early reviews of the show have just begun to surface online, with reactions being mostly positive.

Fans can forge their own thoughts on the show when it launches later this month, on March 24.